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GED®:  Key to Success

This course prepares the student to pass the official GED®  exam and to be awarded a State of Florida High School Diploma for Florida residents.  This course is intended to prepare the student who is working at or above level 9 scores on the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education).

ABE:  Adult Basic Education

This course prepares the student to enroll in a GED®  preparation course.  This program is intended to provide basic literacy and life skills for adults who are performing at level 7 - 8 scores on TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education).  The content develops basic literacy in all areas of knowledge.


  • You are not tied to a classroom setting.
  • You can complete the work at your own pace.
  • You can complete the work during the hours most suited for you.
  • You have an instructor to mentor you through the online course.

How Are These Courses Delivered?

The courses are teacher-directed and delivered via the Internet through a Learning Management System product called "Educator" by UCompass.com.  The courses are hosted in a secure environment, and users are provided technical support.  Students enroll in the appropriate online course and are provided a secure user identification and password.  An on-line instructor will evaluate your work and provide guidance as you progress through the course.

Enrollment Procedures

  • Student must be 18 years or older.
  • Take TABE Test or present recent TABE Test scores (within the last year) [Minimum TABE scores required].
  • Call Student Services at 863-965-5475 to discuss the Online class option.
  • Complete applications and required paperwork.
  • Make appointment with adult school counselor.
  • Introduce yourself to Online instructor.

Call 863-965-5475 for enrollment information or send an e-mail to Peter Borowski.

Click here to view the Florida GED®  Test website.

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TABE Test Required

  • Online GED®  prep course required level 9 TABE scores.
  • Online GED®  student must be 18 years old or older.

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